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Nov 17-18th, 2015


The RSA, City of London


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ABOUT FRC Conference / bringing healthcare related ecosystems together

“Transforming the Recovery to Wellness Journey” is the premier international conference dedicated to the development and deployment of coaching to significantly improve recovery from widespread behavioral healthcare challenges.

The conference brings together innovative creative future thinkers in the field of coaching, individual and organisational behaviour change, medical science, consciousness and spirituality who are leading the way in developing new approaches to individual, organisational and community health.

The conference is suitable for a wide range of practitioners: Doctors, Nurses, Counsellors, Psychologists, Therapists, Coaches, Behavioural experts, those interested in healthcare recovery from a variety of special interest groups, e.g Addiction, Diabetes etc, HR’s, Organisational Managers, Service delivery managers, NHS Trust management etc

The 2015 London conference focuses on the following tracks:

Health Care Tracks

  • Diabetes/Hypertension/Obesity cluster
    Probably the most impactful set of healthcare challenges when it comes to impact on our health services, families lives, communities and economies. This cluster explores what can be done to improve outcomes of recovery and develop prevention engagement.


  • Substance/Behaviour Misuse/Addiction cluster
    This cluster wreaks high profile damage to families and communities. Because there is a correlation with crime and anti-social behaviour these types of healthcare challenges get different kinds of headlines in our cultures. We focus on the challenges of developing multi modal pathways to initiating recovery, supporting families and how recovery driven community led partnerships with treatment services offer exciting prospects for the future.

Organisational Track

  • Managing Recovery to Wellness for Organizations
    This track explores the growing realization that employee recovery from ill to better health is foundational to organizational development objectives and in the private sector, shareholder value. It will share ideas and new thinking, from leveraging wellness programme to raise more boats to health as the core component of organizational leadership.

Professional Development Track

  • Professional Recovery to Wellness Coaching
    This track explores the relationship of coaching to the development of recovery for individuals and within a wider systems context. It will look at the profession of coaching as a new engagement tool and strategy within previously defined no go areas of healthcare recovery and set that within the variety of coaching skillsets (business, executive, life). Topics include professional development, best practice, bridging to other therapeutic practices and the business case.
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Conference Speakers / an appetizer of our confirmed speakers

Karen Florence

Executive Recovery to Wellness Coach, Trainer

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Founder and CEO, FRC International, Coach Trainer

Paul Brown

DR Paul Brown

Gladeana McMahon

Author, Performance and Transformational Coach

Gill Smith

UK Chair and an Honorary Life Fellow of the Association for Coaching.

John Hamilton

CEO, Recovery Network of Programs

Dr Kathleen Carroll Ph.D

Albert E. Kent Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine

Chris McUtchen

Performance Coach, Johnson and Johnson

Max Kirsten

Owner, The Max Kirsten Clinic

David Collins

Specialiast Coach, Facilitator and Consultant

Baillie Aaron

Founder and CEO, Spark Inside

Geoff Simons

Managing Director, Private Practice Hub

Thoby Solheim

Management Coach & Ex-Investment Banker, FRC Int.

Bob Singha

CEO, Community Coaching Academy

Melissa Killeen

Executive Recovery Coach, Author

Michael Handley

Chief Executive Officer of Townsend

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Conference Schedule /

The conference has 9 panels and 3 keynotes per day. The overview of the schedule shall be found on via the link below.

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